truly changing lives

A lot has changed in three generations for many families – and for the better. You can help more people to gain access to clean drinking water, more children to go to school and more young adults to attend vocational training courses.

For a child, access to clean drinking water is the first in a series of lifelong positive changes.

60 Swiss francs

Education is key to ensuring generations of children can make their own choices in life.

100 Swiss francs

Vocational training puts young people on track and helps entire families to take control of their own lives.

360 Swiss francs

Report from Nepal
Changes over three generations

The Shahi family’s story is one of upward mobility. The widowed Manpura Shahi (75) was fighting for her family’s survival in the fields. Her son Chakra (43) was able to attend a Helvetas animal health course and secure the family’s livelihood. Manpurna’s grandson Govind (17) is now studying to be a veterinary practitioner; his family was able to pay all his fees themselves. This report from Nepal tells a story of real change and progress towards self-reliance.

true change in figures

Longer life expectancy, better access to clean drinking water, improved school enrolment and a rise in gross national product. How have people’s lives changed for the better in five of our partner countries over the past few decades?

My life, your life

Grandparents and grandchildren from Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Bolivia tell about their lives. Only two generations separate them, yet their daily lives and future prospects have fundamentally changed in such a short time.

hadush and Gebretsadikan

Young Gebretsadikan dreams of getting a job in Qatar. His grandfather Hadush also used to travel widely in his youth, but back then it was a question of life or death.

sinthia and SOKHINA

Grandmother Sokhina has never left her home. Sinthia wants to pursue a career and be everything her parents want, including their “son”. She’d prefer not to get married, though.

maría and Geovanna

Geovanna wants to study after completing a secretarial course. Her parents have little time for this idea, but her grandmother María offers her unexpected support.

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